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     We are so pleased with the carpet cleaning that HighburyCarpetCleaning did for us recently. The carpet now looks spotless and brand new. We'd never have been able to get such fantastic results on our own.
Owen Wong19/05/2020
     I have my house cleaned every other week, and I love the work that is done by Highbury Cleaners! They never fail to impress!
Lonna M19/09/2019
     Friendly and reliable cleaners! Will contact Highbury Carpet Cleaning for my next house cleaning job!
V. Kaye10/03/2017
     I am a busy businessman and I am out of the country most of the time. I finally found cleaners I could trust through you and my flat looks impeccable. Highly recommend Highbury Carpet Cleaning.
Mike N.01/12/2015
     After using the services of Highbury Cleaning Company I would never even consider looking elsewhere for a cleaning company to take care of my house chores! The team of cleaners work so well together. They are organised, skilled, thorough and such a pleasure to have in my home! The truth is that this cleaning firm blows all others out of the water and don't get me started about the affordability of their prices and rates! Plus the cleaners will do anything they're asked. They even cleaned out my basement!
     Our bathroom resembled something from a horror show last year and we couldn't face cleaning it ourselves. Fortunately we called Highbury Cleaning Company and they helped us deal with the mess and clean the bathroom throughout. The cleaners just got on with it - they had a trolley full of cleaning products that they were able to use to clean the sink, the toilet, the cabinet and mirror and the shower including the tiles. We had some bad mould in the bottom corner of the shower but they managed to get rid of this completely and by the time they were done it was a whole new room!
Mark W.14/11/2014
     My grandmother left me some beautiful wicker and fabric vintage chairs when she passed away, so imagine the fear in the pit of my stomach when I spilt some food on one of these chairs! Fortunately I called up Highbury Cleaning Company, and they were there to provide me with some help. They were round the next day, examining the damage I'd done, and discussing my options. In the end, I went for the most expensive service (which was still incredibly reasonable!) and my chairs have never looked better. Thank you, cleaners and Highbury Cleaning Company, now I know who to call next time!
S. Richardson04/09/2014
     An untidy home just won't do, but I am far too busy these days with my job. I can't stand coming home to a house that is not spotless, so it is a good thing that professional cleaners exist. Highbury Cleaning Company in particular was right there when I needed them, and every experience I've had with them has been flawless. Their cleaners have an excellent eye for detail, and they get everything back up to code every time they stop by. I wouldn't even think about hiring another company, because this one does everything so well! I would recommend them without any hesitation.
     I thought my old carpets were on their last legs, but I didn't really have the money to get them all replaced. I wanted to try a carpet cleaning service to help remove stains and grubby marks and make them look a little cleaner. I contacted Highbury Cleaning Company after doing a lot of online research and the results are absolutely amazing. People think that I have had new carpets installed just because of how clean and fresh they are! This is a great service that didn't cost me too much money either. I'll definitely be calling again when I want my carpets to look fresher and cleaner! Thanks very much!
Jason Y.08/07/2014
     Managing a job and children leaves me with every little free time. I always used to pride myself on how clean I kept my home but there days I don't have the chance to clean up as thoroughly as I used to. I heard about Highbury Cleaning Company and their ability to keep any house clean so I called them up. They helped me with everything I needed over the phone and I soon hired their staff. They come to my house regularly and ensure that it always looks its best, so now my abode can look great and I can see to all of my chores.
Adrianna Benson20/06/2014
     For my house, I wanted to make sure that I got the best possible help with the cleaning of my house. After talking to a few people and doing a bit of research online, there was one name which kept cropping up as the most common suggestion. I gave Highbury Cleaning Company and I can definitely add my name to the list of people who recommend their services. Since I hired them, they've made a big difference to my home and I don't think there's anything I'd change. If you're looking for some cleaning help, this is the firm for you.
Rose Price04/06/2014
     I'm not the best at cleaning, although I can manage the basics I cannot clean ovens, mould and residue from bathroom taps and I'm rubbish at stain removal from carpets and sofas. I was looking for a cleaning company when I happened to come across Highbury Cleaning Company who were doing a special offer, I thought I'd try them out and I was totally amazed at the results. I knew they would do a good job but I didn't expect my home to look like this. My friends cannot believe the difference either, its way cheaper than a whole new decoration yet the results are just as good one, I'll be using them again.
     I was relocating my office into a new area and looking for the best cleaning company I could find. I put a lot of research into it as I really wanted the best for my business, and I kept coming back to Highbury Cleaning Company. I hired them to see just how great a job they could do, but even the best review that I'd read didn't come close to explaining just how professional and reliable these cleaners actually are! I've worked in a lot of offices and I'm very proud to say that my own is one of the cleanest I've seen, and it's all thanks to this company! They even fit well within my budget too - I'm a very happy customer!
     If you need some help getting your house cleaned quickly, then I would heartily recommend Highbury Cleaning Company as the best choice out there. We were let down with short notice by our old cleaning company and now they are exactly that: our old cleaning company. What the real gift here was though, was it opened our eyes to a better service. We now enjoy a higher standard of cleanliness, often at short notice, for a lower price. This has made our lives so much easier, so I can certainly say that I don't regret the old company letting us down.
Ann Taylor19/03/2014
     Getting hold of a good cleaning company is a great thing. You should hold on to them as long as they remain as good as you first found them, as they are few and far between. One such company is Highbury Cleaning Company who have been working at my house for a number of years, and I am yet to be disappointed! A great cleaning service, excellent price plans, lovely staff and a good job overall, there is little to fault them! If you feel like you could do with a little of the same, then give them a call asap!
Essie Harrington05/03/2014
     I chose Highbury Cleaning Company to do some light house cleaning. I wanted a little extra assistance although I usually provide the home cleaning myself. The staff at Highbury Cleaning Company are so flexible, they are able to work around my busy schedule and provide just the right services. They are friendly, and their service is affordable. They clean in deep corners and remove dust and dirt from my floors and cupboards so everything looks and feels fresh. Having a reliable company to provide a little extra cleaning assistance really saves a lot of time. I recommend them to anybody looking for a flexible and reliable home cleaning service.
Nadia B.18/02/2014
     Buying your wife a house clean for Christmas is brave, I admit that. But she will be the first to admit that in hindsight, it was one of the best presents I have ever bought her! Ever since we moved into our home about 15 years ago she has been ever so house proud; dusting a polishing away like crazy. So I thought get a cleaner in, see how she feels about it. While reluctant at first, Highbury Cleaning Company now send round a cleaner every week and our lives have changed. There is so much more free time to enjoy and so much less to worry about, for my wife especially. Good job.
Nigel Moorley30/01/2014
     I have a really busy home and my kids and my pets are always making a mess of things. I was spending more time cleaning my house than I was with my own children and I decided that enough was enough. I called Highbury Cleaning Company to find out if they could help me. I'd never used a cleaning company before and I wasn't sure that I could afford it, but I was pleasantly surprised! Now I have a regular cleaner who always does a great job - no matter what tasks she's having to deal with. I love this service - thanks so much!
     I really didn't want to hire a house cleaner for my home - I'd been brought up to believe that house cleaners were just for rich and lazy people, and I didn't want my neighbours to judge me. My house really was a mess though, and I think I was getting judged a lot more for that! I got in touch with Highbury Cleaning Company and, although I really was on the fence about it, I really can't complain about the job they did. I'm no longer afraid to have guests and visitors come to my house, and I have lot more spare time on my hands!
     If you are looking for a professional company that will really take pride in bringing any element of your home back to life, go to Highbury Cleaning Company. We have relied on them to keep our house clean for quite some time, and I cannot imagine how different things would look if we couldn't give them a call to clean our carpets or polish up the bathroom. Their team on the phones are friendly and the front line staff extremely hard working. They just seem to be able to cater for our every need, and we have come to rely on their fantastic service.
Mr and Mrs Whitaker05/12/2013

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